American Civil War Series


The American Civil War of 1861-1865 is the bloodiest war in American history. For four years Americans murdered each other in their own backyards and cornfields, familiar peach orchards and river banks. West Point colleagues and friends led opposing armies into open slaughter against each other on American hillsides and valleys. American bullets splintered American bones. The respective capitals of the Union and the Confederacy were barely one hundred miles from each other. The war resulted in the death of over 600,000 soldiers and 50,000 civilians, around 2.5% of the population, and 1 in 5 of all enlisted men. Gettysburg alone resulted in 50,000 casualties – more than all previous American wars combined, in just three days.

In these Snippetts, everything you need to know about certain battles and soldiers is written in 250 words or less, but it doesn’t stop there. Further reading is provided at the end of every Snippett, so you can fully explore the four years that truly and irrevocably changed America.


The Battle of Fort Sumter

The First Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas)

The Battle of Shiloh

The Battle of Hampton Roads

The Seven Days Battles

The Second Battle of Bull Run (Second Manassas)

The Battle of Antietam

The Battle of Fredericksburg

The Battle of Chancellorsville

The Battle of Gettysburg

The Siege of Vicksburg

The Battle of Chickamauga

The Battle of the Wilderness

The Battle of Cold Harbor

The Battle of the Crater

The Siege of Petersburg

The Battle of Appomattox Court House


Jefferson Davis

Robert E Lee

Stonewall Jackson

P.G.T Beauregard

Albert Sidney Johnston

Joseph E Johnston

Braxton Bragg

Jeb Stuart

John Bell Hood

James Longstreet

Nathan Bedford Forrest


Ulysses S Grant

William Tecumseh Sherman

George B McClellan

Ambrose Burnside

Joseph Hooker

George Meade

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Alonzo Cushing


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