Charles Starkweather


Who: American teenaged spree killer.

What: Murdered eleven people in a two-month murder spree.

Where: Nebraska and Wyoming, USA.

Why: Possibly his nihilistic views.

When: Starkweather born November 24th, 1958, spree killings December 1st 1957-January 29th 1958, Starkweather executed June 25th, 1959.

“The more I looked at people, the more I hated them.” – Charles Starkweather.

Charles Starkweather was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in November 1938 to a respectable working-class family. Born with a mild birth defect affecting his legs and a speech impediment, he was often bullied as a child. He later developed a severe inferiority complex. When he was eighteen, he was introduced to the then-thirteen Caril Ann Fugate, and they began a relationship. On November 30th, 1957, he became angry at a service station attendant, Robert Colvert, for refusing to give him credit. He returned with a shotgun, robbed $100 from Colvert, drove him to a remote area and killed him with a shot to the head. He then killed Fugate’s mother and stepfather on January 21st 1958, shooting them and strangling her two-year-old stepsister and began his murder spree. He was caught after killing and stealing the car of his last victim, 37-year-old travelling salesman Merle Collison, after a murder spree that claimed the lives of eleven people. He was sentenced to death and executed by electric chair at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln, Nebraska on June 2th 1959. Fugate received a life sentence on November 21st 1958, and was paroled in June 1976.

Further reading:

Starkweather’s mugshot.


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