The Battle of the Alamo


Who: The Republic of Texas vs. Mexico.

What: A 13-day siege and assault on the Alamo Mission by during the Texas Revolution.

Where: San Antonio de Béxar, modern day San Antonio, Texas.

Why: Texan garrison stayed behind to prevent the Mexicans taking on the rest of the Texan Army.

When: February 23rd – March 6th 1836.

You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas.” – Davy Crockett

The Texas Revolution was a war for independence from Mexico for what eventually became modern-day Texas. The Alamo was a former Spanish mission, turned into a fort by a 189-strong Texan garriso, assaulted by 1,800 Mexicans under Antonio López de Santa Anna in February 1836. The Texans, amongst them William Travis, James Bowie (the renowned fighter and frontiersman) and Davy Crockett (the folk hero and frontiersman), held out for thirteen days against the Mexicans, undaunted by the near two thousand-strong Mexican army that had almost taken them by surprise. Legend has it Colonel Travis, the commander, drew a line in the sand and asked any man willing to stay and defend the Alamo to step over it – all but one did. The Alamo defenders inflicted between 400 and 600 casualties on the Mexican army before finally being overwhelmed with no survivors, save for some non-combatant slaves and women. The Battle of the Alamo inspired the Texan army and brought support for the revolution from the United States.

Further reading:

The Fall of the Alamo, by Robert Jenkins Onderdonk.


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