Who: Ancient roots, possibly introduced to Spain by the Arabs or Romans.

What: A tomato-based vegetable soup, traditionally served cold.

Where: Andalusia, southern Spain.

Why: Refreshing cold soup served in the hot Spanish summer. And it’s delicious.

When: Ancient times. It’s an old soup.

Gazpacho is a popular Spanish soup made from tomatoes, garlic, onions, oliver oil, vinegar, salt, vegetables and bread, garnished with bell peppers, diced tomatoes or cucumbers. Traditionally made with a mortar and pestle, it is now often made in a food processor. As with many regional dishes, it varies, with different ingredients and textures used, depending on different family traditions and locations. Introduced possibly by the Romans or Arabs as a soup with bread, water, vinegar, oil and salt, it was very popular with peasants and shepherds in the hot south of Spain, and is very popular in the province of Andalusia. It’s also fairly easy to make:

Portuguese gazpacho made with diced ingredients.


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